Dog Walking

Do you know that dogs have to exercise at least 1 hour per day? And it's not only about their physical stimulation, but also emotional! They need to get outdoors to exercise, socialize, sniff and experience other environments.

Are you giving the attention your dog deserves? We know that with today's crazy busy schedules it is difficult to find the time to take your best friend for as many walks as they would like. No to worry! We can help you with that! Give your dog a chance to have fun while you're away! 

Group walks are ideal for dogs that love playing with others! 

Individual walks are ideal for dogs that need 100% attention and/or don't get along with other dogs. 

Group Walk

Individual Walk

$28 per hour

$45 per hour

1-hour walk including home pick up and drop off. 

We walk rain or shine!


We never walk more than 4 dogs per dog walker.

Image by Andreas Wagner
Image by Alvan Nee

Centennial Park

One of the most dog-friendly parks in Sydney, a huge space to run and chase balls.

The best place to walk in the bushes, hang out and meet new furry friends. 



Astrolabe Park

Beautiful sunsets, lots of space to exercise and explore!

  If your dog doesn't like socializing with others,

this is the right place to go!

Firmstone Reserve

A small and thoughtfully constructed off-leash dog park located in Pagewood. 

This is the perfect place for dogs who love playing with others.

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Wherever you like!

A walk around your neighbourhood or in the closest park! We'll go wherever you want us to go.