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Dog Walking

Group or Individual.

Daily or Casual.

Home pick up and drop off

1-hour walk (+30 min commute) 

We walk rain or shine



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Pet Minding

  • Pet Day Care

  • Pet Sitting (dog's place)

  • Pet Hosting (pet sitter's place)

  • House Visiting



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Pet Taxi

Pick Up or Drop Off services: 



Long Distances




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About  Me

I grew up in the country side, surrounded by animals. My mom was a genuine pet lover, whenever she saw an abandoned animal in the street she would put it under her arm and take home. We always had dogs, cats, and chooks at our house. She taught me to respect, defend and love them unconditionally. 

Although my whole life experience was taking care of my own pets, I started offering help to some friends who needed to go away on vacations or

work trips and needed someone to look after their pets. 


In 2018, when I decided to come to Australia to study, I noticed there

I was again, looking after someone else’s pet. Dog walking, pet sitting

or pet hosting. It all just felt so right!

Since I got my degree in Business I have been chasing the dream

job, trying to build the perfect career. I always asked myself, what do

I really love to do? And my answer always was: Animals, anything with animals! And now I am following my passion: being surrounded by pets is what makes me happy!


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